Societe NFT Mint Update

Societe NFT Mint Update

We get this question a lot, so we are taking a moment to update all of our amazing members and prospective members on the date for our NFT mint.

The short answer is that we have decided to postpone the mint date indefinitely. We have every intention of proceeding with our public mint as we originally set out to do – that is without question. Our primary focus is two-fold: 1) ensure that public mint is most optimal considering the current NFT market dynamics, and 2) continue to deliver value to our members (this being our highest priority).

In coming to the decision to delay public mint date, we took into consideration the following…

NFT interest is down significantly according to Google Trends. NFT search volume is down 57% from this time last year, and down 88% from the peak in January 2022.

Now is the time for building and establishing our firm foundation, and not a good time for minting. The general consensus of NFT market experts is that utility-focused NFTs will drive the future of the industry, and Societe is leading the way with a very high-value utility. We fully expect the NFT market to emerge from the downturn at some point, and Societe will be poised for a very successful public mint when this time comes. Our rolling pre-sale has been a great success with new members joining each month, and is a model for future NFT pre-sale rollouts. Pre-sale will remain open until public sale, continuing on a rolling basis.

If you have purchased a Societe membership during our rolling pre-sale, you will continue to be able to enjoy your membership until airdrops are completed, which will take place at the commencement of our public mint.

We will keep everyone apprised of updates to the mint date and everything else pertinent to Societe Social Club!


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