SOCIETE: August Updates & Announcements

SOCIETE: August Updates & Announcements

Preferred Destination for August 2022:

Our preferred destination for the month of August is Sardinia, Italy. Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has nearly 2,000km of coastline, sandy beaches and a mountainous terrain rich with hiking trails. It’s by far one of the best luxury destinations with amazing hospitality and plenty of new places to visit during the summer. The high season to visit used to be a small window of two weeks, but this year that window has expanded to two months due to heightened demand of travelers discovering this amazing island.

Our SOCIETE ambassador for Sardinia is Esmeralda Discepolo. Esmeralda is a true local with experience and impressive acumen in luxury travel. She spends the summers in Sardinia and the rest of the year she is based in London. Her welcoming personality and her relationships with venues in the region will encourage you to be her new best friend. Here are some of her recommendations:

Phi Beach: perfect place to go during sunset. The venue serves food and it has the most amazing programming in the island. The best DJs in the world all play here between July 2nd and August 23rd.

La Scogliera: This incredible restaurant located on an island is accessible by boat and via tender. But the scenery around and the food will make a visit worth your time. La Scogliera is known as lunch place with fun atmosphere and different DJs playing every afternoon

Nikki Beach: This Nikki Beach location is very unique and different to any other Nikki Beach around the world. Only accessible by boat or water shuttle (Offered by the venue). Its geographical location and top service makes this experience one of the most unique activities to go during your stay in Sardinia.

Billionaire: Iconic nightclub and restaurant offering The Billionaire Experience which is a show during dinner and also offering in the nightclub some of the most recognizable DJs from Europe in its 

Sanctuary: Mediterranean restaurant experience with a Tulum vibe.

Ritual: A more casual place located in an iconic castle with very unique architecture.

Other Popular Places to Visit in August:


Lio Ibiza: Dinner show cabaret style with a stunning view of the city and the ocean.

Casa Maca: Restaurant with incredible ancient fortress walls and view of the Dalt Vila Skylines

Juan y Andrea: Beach restaurant located in Formentera accessible by boat via tender

South of France:

La Guerite: located in Sainte-Marguerite an island across from Cannes accessible by boat only. Expect the music to get loud after 3pm and maybe end up dancing on top of a table.

Le Petite Maison: One of the top restaurants in Cannes with outstanding cuisine. One of the places that you must visit if you are in Cannes.

Salama: Moroccan restaurant located in St Tropez visited by celebrities often.

Lou Lou: Recently opened its doors in St Tropez. Beach restaurant with nice ambiance and fantastic food. 


Mamzel: Great location with splendid cuisine and different shows every night.

Momento: A perfect mix of a dining experience followed by nightlife, all under the same roof.

Boho Club: Ideal destination to relax and engage in a wellness program. Spa available with an incredible menu of options and wellness activities.

Our first SOCIETE Adventure:

Our first SOCIETE Adventure will be an adventure taking place in Africa. We are  planning a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to Summit Kilimanjaro with one of our token holders Brandon Ray.

Why: Kilimanjaro is the least difficult mountain to summit out of the 7 summits. You don’t need mountaineering equipment or experience to summit this mountain. It’s located in one of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the most wonderful continents to visit.

When: January 2023. We will collect information and most likely shoot for the second or first week of January. This month has the best options to allow us to summit, giving us good weather conditions. The trip would take around 10 days and we can finish the trip with the option of visiting the beautiful beaches in Tanzania.

What: or the next five months, we will be offering a monthly virtual meet-up, where we will be creating a plan of action and relaying information on how to prepare physically and mentally for the challenge. You don’t need to be in excellent shape for this adventure, but there is a minimum of physical requirements needed to have the best opportunity to summit.

Who: Our NFT token holder Brandon Ray, a land, sea and air adventurist who has spent the last several years scuba diving, climbing, mountaineering, skydiving and BASE jumping across the globe. Brandon has completed 5 of the “7 Summits,” and has extensive experience leading teams on mountain expeditions.

How: Join our Twitter space if you are interested in hearing more specific details about it. Let us know if you are coming with us. Join our monthly program that we will put together to prepare you physically and mentally.

Save The Date Announcements:

Some exciting events, parties and experiences coming soon:

September: We will be hosting a SOCIETE event during NYFW.  NYFW’s official dates are September 9th to September 14th

October: We will be hosting a SOCIETE event during PFW. PFW’s official dates are September 26th to October 4th. Our events will most likely be the weekend of September 29th, September 30th, October 1st and October 2nd

December: We will be hosting an event during Art Basel. Art Basel’ official dates are December 2nd to December 4th. 


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