LA Weekly: How Richie Akiva is Disrupting the NFT Space by Fostering an Exclusive Community with Star-Studded Social Gatherings

LA Weekly: How Richie Akiva is Disrupting the NFT Space by Fostering an Exclusive Community with Star-Studded Social Gatherings

This article was published by La Weekly on April 29th, 2022.

While innovative technology can sometimes get a negative reputation for further disconnecting humans from the offline world, this is not always an accurate portrayal of how technology can increase human connection. Blockchaintechnology is a cutting-edge protocol enabling companies to disrupt a wide variety of markets, from finance to art. Utilizing blockchain’s ability to emphasize transparency, privacy, and peer-to-peer power, many NFT projects are creating communities where individuals can connect over shared interests. In fact, some of the more innovative NFT projects are actually facilitating exciting ‘in person’ social gatherings for their token holders and community members.

Societe is the latest venture from Richie Akiva, the first nightlife mogul to create an NFT based social club. Leveraging innovative blockchain & NFT technology as their membership card or ‘token,’ Societe Social Club specializes in extremely unique and highly sought-after curated lifestyle & wellness events. Making use my of the most elite venues across every major international city, Societe Social Club is a social club that goes beyond the four walls of the various brick and mortar establishments they use to host their events like Soho House, Zero Bond, Casa Cipriani, and Chapel Bar are. Societe Social Club is on a mission to curate experiences and offer concierge resources to help members find social fulfillment and connect with a community of people with a shared joie de vivre.

In addition to throwing branded events specifically curated for token holders (club members), Societe also offers exclusive access to many of the world’s most exquisite restaurants and best 5-star hotels. Societe Social Club members will also be able to take advantage of curated travel opportunities such as trekking the Swiss Alps, taking a luxury cruise to Antarctica, and relaxing on stunning Mediterranean beaches. One of the most valuable benefits of being a Societe Social Club member is the 24/7 access to a world-class concierge able to help members identify and get into culturally stimulating and socially engaging activities wherever they are. Of course, all of the creative and innovative people in the Societe Social Club community will be able to interact with each other whenever they want, building their personal and professional networks along the way.

The Societe team is uniquely equipped to deliver this visionary new social opportunity due to the melange of their career experience.

As the brainchild of Richie Akiva, members of Societe should expect nothing short of the best events at the best venues with the coolest people. Akiva is the legendary nightlife entrepreneur behind iconic NYC clubs like 1 OAK and Up & Down. Not only is Akiva the engine behind some of the most important New York City nightlife venues of the past two decades, but Akiva is also known for his ability to throw a party, get people excited, and garner attention from celebrities and innovators. Akiva has spent a lifetime curating meaningful social interactions as well as relationships with some of the most interesting people in many creative industries. Akiva’s name is now synonymous with exclusivity, celebrity, and revelry.

Akiva has partnered with two experienced entrepreneurs, Raf and Nathan Simpson, in order to drive this vision into reality. Drawing on their experience running NYC-based Foam Creative Agency, Raf and Nathan Simpson bring marketing, hospitality, and Web 3 knowledge & experience to this innovative Blockchain-enabled, exclusive Social Club.

Despite recently launching, the Societe is already creating a huge buzz, earning organic press as well as vast interest. With only 100 founding membership slots, Societe Social Club already has a waitlist for the next drop. Even before officially launching, Societe Social Club has thrown two notable events in Paris for Fashion Week as well as a recent party at a Soho penthouse DJ’d by Mark Ronson with appearances from many famous athletes, musicians, and actors; Alex Rodriguez, Giancarlo Stanton, Joakim Noah, Myles Turner, Oshae Brissett, Gunna, Fivio Foreign, Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, and the cast of the new Gossip Girl reboot all made appearances.

The NFT membership cards themselves are beautifully designed works of digital art portraying various characters dressed in nightlife attire with their faces hidden by a variety of unique helmets and masks. The Societe’s internal artistic team deliberately chose to hide these NFT characters’ faces as an homage to the mystery behind the identities of the select people with the resources and access to jet-set around the world going to exclusive parties and events.

We are excited to see how Akiva and the Simpson brothers continue to leverage their unique network, connections with exclusive nightlife & hospitality venues, and NFT technology to facilitate more meaningful social interactions. To learn more about the Societe Social Club, please visit their website and follow their Instagram.

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